Why Hire Core?

We create value. CORE will manage all of your development service needs, oversee all the parties involved, and coordinate the endless array of details of your project ensuring you maximum success with minimal risk. CORE’s experienced team of professionals will provide results at costs that make sense to your bottom line.

  • CORE can assist with financing your project and our fees are typically categorized as Development Fees in project Pro formas and budgets, therefore our services are not calculated as an additive cost to your project.
  • The owner / developer, may be fully compensated for development fees because of how lenders may classify our fees as additional to development fees therefore compensating CORE separately.
  • When compared to the overall project cost, CORE’s fees are very minimal, however, our additive cost avoidance is huge.
  • We understand the importance of ROI and that’s why we stay lean tapping only the best experts in the field. It enables us to keep our overhead down and pass along those savings to you with highly competitive rates.
  • CORE gives you the ability to focus on your core competencies while we manage the day-to-day development activities.
  • On time and on budget – that is our mantra. Since we are masters of pre-planning, scheduling, and project budget creep, we are able to achieve that goal.

At CORE, it is our business to identify, evaluate, and deflect erroneous costs. Our services will generate a positive return on investment through cost avoidance, generating savings through efficiencies in design, development, and construction that more than eclipse any fee we may charge.