CORE can access the status of every property in its portfolio in real-time.  With all pre-leasing, leasing, and property management located in the same office, we do not need to wait for a monthly report to get an update:  if there is an issue, we know about it and can respond right away.


This has allowed our team to maintain an excellent retention rate, control costs, and keep investor returns high.


The software that we use – “Buildium Property Management” / – also provides access to our clients so that they can check in on the status of their property as often and as conveniently as we can.


CORE are investors too, alongside our partners, and therefore have a personal stake in making sure that the investment is managed well.


Our strategy involves looking for opportunities to acquire, add value, and hold investment properties with a high potential to yield returns on equity. And of course, we send out the distributions.


CORE has members of its team who have extensive experience in managing vacation rentals and know the business inside and out, able to expertly set-up, market, promote and manage properties.


Allow us to manage your rental, and allow yourself the freedom to enjoy life while your property earns for you.


CORE knows that marketing and promotion drive rental booking income. That is why our team goes above and beyond to market, promote, and manage your vacation rental.


Other vacation rental property owners simply don’t have the time, resources, specialized expertise, or desire to:

  • Find, research, and list on the 50+ vacation rental listing websites that may be a good fit.
  • Be available all day, night, evenings, and weekends to promptly respond to all guest inquires.
  • Continue to market & promote their property across social media, search keywords, re-marketing to past guests, etc.
  • Research which keyword phrases and other factors most effectively produce top search engine optimization results for prominent placement of their property.