CORE’s team has great attention to detail, which informs every aspect of the properties we deliver and communities we establish, from site selection to FF&E staging and everything in between. Our comprehensive in-house capabilities offer a unique level of control, efficiency, and transparency for our capital partners.


Our team at CORE strives for positive sustainability outcomes for all of our assets. We have LEED accredited associates on staffs who are guided by a thoughtful framework of policies and procedures to help us enhance the predictability, transparency, and accountability of our investment actions and decision-making.


CORE is committed to addressing the environmental and social risks and impacts of our operations, investigating the implementation of mitigation strategies to avoid adverse impacts on workers, communities, and the environment.


We are constantly seeking to improve performance by identifying new opportunities to grow our business, build a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and enhance positive sustainability outcomes for the short- and long-term future.