Drone Services

Drone Services

Undertaking a construction project is always a time-consuming, laborious process. Even if an architect, owner, and contractor agree on a design, it’s not a guarantee things will go exactly according to plan. Projects can face many obstacles even before construction begins: topography impact can be over or underestimated, the design itself can have miscalculations, or the contractor or subcontractors can make mistakes based on inaccurate measurements. Depending on the size of the project, these mistakes or blunders can sometimes cost tens of thousands of dollars in delays, budget overruns, or costly disputes.

CORE has a licensed FAA Small UAS Rule (Part 107) Remote Pilot on staff and can provide you with high-quality aerial services and superior customer service to clients throughout Georgia and South Carolina.

Aerial Photography

Residential & Commercial Real Estate, Architectural Portfolios, Marketing, Special Events & Entertainment

Aerial Videography

Ideal for Construction & Development Companies, Roof Inspections, Project Progress Videos


Recreational & Farming Tracts, Forestry Resource Management, Aerial Maps